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Produced by 1st Blood


Word Was born at the dawn of mankind
define phrase and meaning information streaming
now got people screaming
I'm dreaming up an assault that vaults all the other shit
this ain't a cover hit
it's just another bit of hip that's hop
I flip the script on any tip
slip into my dimension
lose all your tension
no need for aprephension this ain't school fool
it's not detention
so I must mention
there's no pention on the mic game
keep doing it for ever even if it's just a slight gain
stain your brain with the name 1st blood
came to entertain want it playing in every
pub and club and bar and home
known for my talk man on your Walkman

I love my music
I love my mic
I love the beats
when the beats are this tight
allright allright allright keep your head on
I'm up on stage and it's time for me to get on
bet on me coming through
and doing what I wanna do
lyrical fat to chew
I spat to you so Fuck you
and fuck them
if you ain't got time for me and my pens
cause my pens are my friends
yes I'm a job seeker sneak a bit of work on the side
I'm a lyrical preacher, teacher with raw pride
not gonna be a butcher or a baker
or a candle stick maker, I'll handle shit later
open up my chatterbox
I spat alot I'm rather hot
my lava got what you can't stop the hip hop crop that's from the notts
unbelievable how decievable these rappers can be
fuck with me and I'll switch to plan b

bet on me coming through
and doing what I wanna do


from 1st Blood - Beats4thePeople, released January 30, 2005


all rights reserved